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If you are going to join tutowale.com tutor services then you may have to take some points into consideration.

Whatever is the charge of the company since every plan is different then you only have to pay the first-month plan. Either before or whenever you receive money from client although it may be finalized or a few months later. If you do not pay off company charges or make delay or to do any false deal or fraud then the company have all rights reserved to take a strict action according to our guidelines mentioned in the agreement. You have to submit a copy of your documents. If we will find you to have any charge or do not inform the company by taking money from the parents, you have to pay double that amount to the company as well as you will have to pay back money to your parents. The company will take your first payments with your parents and after deducting your charge you will get the next payment when the fund will be completed.

If you do not do that, the tutor wale dot com can take appropriate action on you, which will be acceptable to you. And further you will be blacklisted. And you will be deprived of the services of Home Tutor.

•    Termination: Tutor contract may be terminated by either party after a prior notice given in 7 days.

•    Scheduling time: All the classes time may be scheduled by tutorwale.com and we are liable to change any timing according to student feasibility so make sure you should make your schedule correct.

•    All the disputes must be solved at Delhi jurisdiction only.

•    I acknowledge that I have completely read all terms and conditions. I can accept these conditions and terms as my own will and tutor wale are fully liable to do further rejections.


Note (For Tutors):-

  • 50% 1st month & 10% 2nd month, If you do not pay our fees, we can take appropriate legal proceedings against you.
  • If you are abusing with any employee of the company, then there may be a complaint against you
  • There is no time limit for providing tuitions, it may take 6 months.
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